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Shark Diving

Have you ever wanted to be up close and personal with one of the largest and most dangerous predators on the planet? Shark Diving, or Shark Cage Diving, involves putting yourself in an underwater cage suspended by a boat. This occurs in areas which are popular with sharks and are frequented by the animals. You have the chance to see Hammerhead sharks, Tiger sharks, Whale sharks, even Great Whites. They have all been known to come up and check out the cage with people inside!

This is an experience that you do not want to miss out on, and now with Extrevity, it is easier than ever to arrange your shark diving adventure! Simply type a location in our search engine to find the best shark diving spots, operators and companies in the area! Extrevity only works with the most trusted and respected companies, but If you are unsure of the company, then read reviews of previous customers to make sure you will be in the best hands possible.