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Thailand, paradise beaches, picture perfect water, friendly locals and good weather. All of these things have combined to make Thailand a tourist juggernaut and one that most other southeast asian countries are envious of. Thailand’s popularity is not a recent thing either, since the 1990s thailand have been accommodating backpackers, holidays makers and honeymooners to its exquisite islands and coastline. Due to the incredible beaches and coastline across the islands, the good quality of water and number of shipwrecks and coral reefs that surround these islands, extreme sports in thailand consist predominantly of scuba diving schools, centers and tour operators. The companies that extrevit have teamed up with are well trusted within the scuba diving community and adhere to glocal health and safety regulations. We can ensure that our customers will have the best extreme sports experience in Thailand. We have also teamed up with a kitesurfing school, as the islands have great wind in which to learn or practice kitesurfing regularly. If you are still not convinced then please check out our previous customers reviews of these companies to see for yourself the experience of past clients. Book your next extreme sports adventure in thailand today with Extrevity!