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Puerto Rico

For such a small place, the island of Puerto Rico is jam-packed full of opportunities in terms of extreme sports. With Extrevity, you can now book your next extreme sports adventure in Puerto Rico. The tiny island is full of culture, color, great food, and even better weather. this, mixed with an incredible coastline with mountains, rock faces, waves, and coral reefs mean an island seemingly created for extreme sports! Some of the best extreme sports in Puerto Rico include surfing, rock climbing, canyoning, diving and spearfishing, and this is to just name a few! The island is nice and small, easy to get around, yet diverse enough to accommodate lots of different activities within it. imagine yourself surfing world class waves in the morning, and kayaking in the afternoon, finished with some spearfishing later on to catch your dinner, all of this is possible in Puerto Rico! Extrevity have teamed up with the best and most trusted companies to ensure that our customers get the best experience possible!