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The GoPro HERO6 Black gives the world’s most durable and versatile camera, the most advanced video stabilization ever found in a GoPro. Along with a new GP1 custom chip and other cool technical features, the HERO6 is the best GoPro ever made, but is it worth upgrading from the HERO5 and dishing out $499? Read more to find out!


  • Shoot 4K at 60fps, 2.7K at 120fps, and 1080p at 260fps
  • Improved stabilization, dynamic range, low light ability
  • Touch zoom and voice control, Wi-Fi
  • Built-in GPS, accelerometer, and new face detection algorithms
  • Rugged and water-resistant design (33ft)
  • Compatible with all HERO5 mounts/accessories


  • Image stabilization not available in 4K 60fps mode
  • Not much has changed (physically) from HERO5
  • Priced at $499, a hundred dollars more than HERO5


PHOTO (UP TO) 12MP / 30 fps / Time Lapse
VIDEO (UP TO) 4K60 / 2.7K120 / 1080p240
WATERPROOF 33ft (10m)
LCD DISPLAY Touch screen / touch zoom
DIMENSIONS 1.26 x 2.44 x 1.75 inches
WEIGHT 0.26 pounds
ADDITIONAL INFO Compatible with all HERO5
mounts / accessories

GoPro HERO6 Black

The new GoPro HERO6 Black is the camera many people wanted from the HERO5, released just a year ago. The HERO6 looks identical as the HERO5, but with the introduction of GoPro’s custom GP1 processor, the HERO6 has 2X the frame rates, allowing you to shoot 4K at 60fps, 2.7k at 120fps, and 1080p at 240fps. Coupled with a higher bit rate compression, the HERO6 shoots crisper video and lets you capture super slo-mo at the push of a button. The HERO6 also dramatically improves the dynamic range and low light performance to really make things pop.

So Smooth

The HERO6 gives the world’s most durable and versatile camera, the most advanced video stabilization ever found in a GoPro. The HERO6 has Karma-like stabilization, so you don’t need an additional gimbal to shoot breathtaking, shake-free video (Please note: The stabilization feature is not available in the 4k at 60fps).

Can Touch This

Another cool feature on the HERO6 that many GoPro fans have been waiting for is the touch zoom feature which allows you to pinch the touchscreen and zoom in on your shot. The HERO6 also comes with smart algorithms for faces and audio, accelerometers, GPS, and includes a 3x better Wi-Fi for faster footage transfer to your phone.

Compatibility With HERO5?

The HERO6 also comes standard with many of the same specs found on the HERO5. It has the same 33ft (10m) water resistant housing; it will still be compatible with the GoPro Super Suit (Über Protection) Dive Housing and all previous HERO5 compatible mounts/accessories. The HERO6 also works with the GoPro Karma drone and is equipped with three microphones, voice control and the same battery as the HERO5.

The Verdict

The GoPro HERO6 Black is by far the best and most advanced GoPro ever made. Priced at just under $500, the HERO6 is a must-have for professional videographers and content creators. Apart from a few improved technical features, the HERO6 doesn’t differ too much from its predecessor. If you don’t plan on shooting on 4K60fps and already have a gimbal, you might be better off waiting for the HERO7 or checking out the HERO5 ($399) and HERO5 Session ($299).

Best ever Hero. Image Stabilitation great performance. – Amazon User

Image Quality
User Friendliness
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