atomic venom frameless mask

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask (Review)

The Atomic Venom Frameless is hands down one of the best recreational scuba diving masks on the market today, period! The Venom Frameless is so soft, and its lens is so clear that you'll...
Hollis M Frameless Mask Review

Hollis M1 Frameless Mask (Review)

You can't go wrong with the Hollis M1 Frameless dive mask. Priced at just over $100 on Amazon, the Hollis M1 Frameless offers many of the same benefits as the Atomic Venom Frameless at...
atomic venom arc mask

Atomic Venom ARC Mask (Review)

The Atomic Venom ARC is the go-to mask for professional divers and underwater photographers. The Venom ARC might just be the best scuba mask ever created, but is it worth its steep price tag? Check...
scubapro synergy twin trufit mask

ScubaPro Synergy2 Twin TruFit Mask (Review)

The ScubaPro Synergy2 Twin TruFit is one of the most comfortable masks on the market to date. The Synergy2 Twin TruFit is also compatible with ScubaPro's GoPro mount, so you can enjoy your dive...

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